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Wave front optimized LASIK is the type of laser treatment available on the Wave light laser. This treatment is also based on the patient's glasses prescription, but also takes into account corneal curvature and thickness, and applies laser energy in a unique fashion in the periphery of the cornea. This laser has been found to reduce some complications such as glare, halos, and other nighttime visual aberrations that can occasionally occur with conventional treatments. Wave front guided LASIK.

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It also referred to as custom LASIK or wave front. LASIK is similar to conventional LASIK, except that in addition to treating a patient's basic refractive error, specific alterations in a patient's eye high order aberrations can also be treated. In wave front guided LASIK; special mapping is performed prior to surgical procedure to identify any small irregularities in the patient's optical system. When these irregularities are severe they can affect vision quality, contrast sensitivity, and night vision.

Wave Front Optimized And Wave Front Guided In LASIK Eye Surgery

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Advances in diagnostic and treatment technologies have led to a major perfection in the quality of vision that can be achieved with LASIK surgery. In the past patients had their refraction measured by the standard procedure used by any optometrist wish to make a vision or contact lens correction. This refractive data was then programmed into the laser for LASIK surgery to be carried out. LASIK Surgery is the only way to remove your blur vision and you will get a bright eye vision.

We replace your damaged lens with an artificial lens.Now a new device called a wave front aberrometer. It can be used to measure a much more sophisticated description of the optical state of the eye. This data can be utilized by the new generation of excimer lasers to define a customized treatment. Such treatment aims to specifically correct not only the simple spectacle prescription, but also the higher order optical aberrations present in any individual eye.